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99 Sober Activities To Do This Weekend Instead Of Drinking

sober activities boston

Attend events, explore new places, and embrace laughter and bonding for enjoyable moments together. OngoingFenway, Starting at $6Staggering across the ice for a drunken Triple Lutz jump is ill-advised, so Dry January is the perfect time to up your ice skating swagger. Not only is The Rink 401 Park the heartbeat of The Fenway each winter, but it also offers 45-minute open skate sessions at its 6,000-square-foot ice rink for just $6.

sober activities boston

Don’t go! We can help.

Other options include Larz Anderson Park in Brookline, Boston Common, and the President’s Lawn at Tufts University, along the Somerville-Medford line. OngoingEverett, Starting at $260Most treatments at the Spa at Encore Boston Harbor are a generous hour and a half, so there’s no counting the minutes hoping to relax ASAP. Before and after, take advantage of the cold plunge pool, hot tub, steam room, sauna, and relaxation room. OngoingDowntown, $50Swap botanical craft cocktails for an immersive, hands-on aromatherapy sesh at Boston Public Market’s Lifebloom Candle Making. The candle bar offers 45-minute guided workshops where you can create a signature candle scent and pour your own 9 oz candle. Your candle must be cured (dry and set up correctly) for 2-hours before you can take it home, so savvy DIYers snag the earlier appointments.

sober activities boston

Hit the Stacks of these Beautiful Book Stores

sober activities boston

NamaStay Sober is a safe, kind, nonjudgmental, open minded, and non politically or religiously affiliated peer support community space. We listen to each other with respect, openness, and self awareness. Please help us to honor the integrity of this space. Arcade games aren’t just for kids, and at Versus (part of Big Night), it’s an arcade that is mostly for adults. Sure, the space is open for all ages from 5 to 7 p.m., but after that, the space becomes a 21+ playroom.

Sober Summer Activities In The Boston Area

  • You may not see yourself as “addicted” to alcohol, but you do know that it has more power over your life than you’d like it to at this point.
  • This is especially true when the weather warms up.
  • Here is a list of sober-friendly things to do in Boston.

Other attractions worth visiting at Harvard University are the sunken garden in Radcliffe Yard and the Tercentenary Theatre. In addition, spending the day at Harvard can often inspire those in recovery to further their careers and education or learn an exciting new trade that motivates them to stay sober. How often does a social night out get in the way of your grounding routines? If you’re an introvert like me, spending a couple of hours alone can help recharge and reset you on the path towards your goals. Everywhere I turn, there’s a virtual cocktail hour. Or, an innocuous “let’s grab a drink” text with a friend I haven’t seen in years.

Alcohol is a staple at adult social outings, and evading beverages can be hard when out for a good time with friends. The brewery will be transformed into a cozy ski lodge, so plan your après-ware accordingly—think snuggly sweaters with Nordic motifs, trendy ski pants, chic winter boots, and faux fur hats. The Glitter Boys will be doing their usual DJ thing, spinning vinyl across the dance song catalogs of the ‘70s and ‘80s. When I was at my lowest of lows Meta picked me up. They gave me the skills to return to a healthy productive lifestyle.

  • Other options include Larz Anderson Park in Brookline, Boston Common, and the President’s Lawn at Tufts University, along the Somerville-Medford line.
  • Finally, Boston is known for several other non-alcoholic products, including MEM Teas, Katalyst Kombucha, and Taza’s divine hot stone-ground chocolate.
  • Some of these activities can be enjoyed for free, but make sure to look for discounts and coupons to save money for those that come with a price!
  • Try ArtBar’s Guava Mule, made from guava, muddled lime wedge, and (non-alcoholic) ginger beer.

Or, cull down your food waste and toss your veggie scraps and ends into the freezer, then make a stock! Let ‘er simmer all day long and enjoy the aromas that come with it. Video chat with someone in a different time zone than sober house dorchester ma you. Have a friend or family member overseas? Stay up late or plan to wake up super early to chat with them and catch up. This is something you can do solo or with friends (even virtually!), and what you make is up to you.

Go to A Game

  • Participate in a community cleanup and meet your neighbors.
  • Museums are in high abundance in Massachusetts, the sixth state to join the Union in 1788.
  • Apple cider is also seasonally available at many local grocery stores and fall festivals.
  • At The Haven Detox-New England, we’re here to support you every step of the way.
  • New England is arguably the most breathtaking place to be for the autumn.

sober activities boston